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Apartments in a luxury complex
The complex is located in the city center. The building includes apartments with 1-3 bedrooms, located on four floors; 4 penthouses with 3-6 bedrooms, each with its own elevator, equipped garage, swimming pool and terrace with panoramic views. The complex has outdoor and indoor swimming pools, gymnasium, underground parking, sauna, green courtyard.
From 1 000$
Apartments in a modern residential complex with swimming pools
The building features luxury apartments with 1-4 bedrooms. Five apartments include a garden and private pools. The rooms are spacious and bright with large windows.
The complex has an exclusive lounge area and floor-to-ceiling windows.
From 1 000$
Exterior 3d rendering of the apartment building in Bremen
This modern multi-storey house is an incarnation of exquisite urban living. Every chamfer of this building has been designed considering three core principles: security, avant-garde modernity and brevity.
The diverse lighting configurations showcase the construction in different settings, providing a professional and highly realistic view of the completed project.
From 1 000$
Green residential quarter in a pretty spa town
Our architectural visualization show-cases the upcoming construction project, highlighting its diverse uses and illustrating the environmentally friendly and sustainable aspects of the building.
Future residents can anticipate a variety of housing options, a central square, a daycare facility, and a range of additional amenities.
From 1 000$

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