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Explore the benefits of choosing the Entexy team

Saving timeSaving time
Don't waste time looking for adaptation and team management - we take care of that
Cost reductionCost reduction
You save good deal of money by hiring our team - instead of renting office and buying expensive equipment.
You will certainly appreciate our team's professionalism as our specialists medium work experience is 4 years up.
All the intermediate results are transparent and available at any time.
Quick StartQuick Start
Within a week they will start working on your project

How Entexy expands its partner teams

Three steps to expand your project team

Requirements analysis
The Entexy team helps you identify your project needs and operates to come up with understanding how many and what kind of specialists are needed.
Choosing professionals in their field
Based on the requirements worked out, we select the optimal specialists for the project with the mastery of the suitable stack of technologies.
Smooth specialist onboarding
Quality adaptation and onboarding process into your project allows our specialists to start performing their tasks in the shortest possible time.

We will give you a free consultation on your problem and help you find a solution

Cost calculator

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1. Indicate the technologies stack and the number of the required developers in each tech field

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2. Additional specialists needed in your team

  • 0Project engineer
  • 0QA-engineer
  • 0UI/UX designer
  • 0IT-security specialist
  • 0Business analyst
  • 0Solution Architects
  • 0DevOps engineer

3. Choose your business field

4. Indicate estimated duration of your project

6 months
1 month1
6 months6
1 year12
1,5 years18
2+ years24+

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