Invest in IT business

We offer the opportunity to invest in launched or under development IT projects of the company with a guarantee of return of invested funds

How does that work?

You choose from the available projects in our company and invest in development/promotion. The amount of investment - from 10,000 EURO depending on the project and at your discretion. Depending on the selected project and the amount you receive a % in the company.
We launch a marketing campaign for the project, track conversions, adjust campaigns, refine, review stats, look for ways to optimize.
If we see that the project is successful and profitable, we open a separate legal entity for the company, in which you become a full-fledged co-founder and receive % of the company.
If we realize from the project and its advertising that the project will not become profitable, we stop investing in it and remove it from the pool of projects.

A money-back guarantee?

If the project you have chosen turns out to be unprofitable and we close it down, you are covered by our money-back guarantee system. How does it work?

The maximum project share is 49%. We retain the remaining 51% in the project, and it is this 51% from the company that has been successful that covers the losses of projects that have been unsuccessful.

    • How quickly can I get my funds back?
    • We guarantee a refund for the first 5 investors (if the project is unsuccessful) for 3 years.
    • What documentary guarantees do you provide?
    • You can familiarize yourself with our model agreement. In it we prescribe options for the interest to be received, the amount for development and promotion, and, if the project is successful (understanding that the project can be successful), the creation of a separate legal entity for the project.

      If the amount you want to invest in the project is more than 50,000 EURO, we can discuss the option of opening a separate legal entity for the project at once.
Mobile app for iOS/Android to track pill intake with notification at the right time and double skip protection
Status: Implemented on iOS and Android platforms
Links to the service/application:
Design - Behance
Plant Care Application. Collective care of plants in the office (watering, transplanting) + recognizing plants from photos.
Status: Implemented on Android platform
Links to the service/application:
Design - Behance
Service of meetings by interests:
An app for organizing and planning your free time. Find your cozy group of friends or plan an event.
Status: Android app has been placed in test operation. iOS - not done yet. If interested, we can provide a program to install on Android phone.
Links to the service/application:
Design - Behance - images to suit all tastes
A service where people can use text to create paintings and sell them on the same site. Images are generated with AI/ML based on text descriptions.
Status: Ready to connect internet acquiring + complete 3100 hours
Links to the service/application:
Design - Behance
Check Ur Birthmark easily
Service to check moles for the probability of their degeneration into malignant formations (by photo we give an idea of the danger level of the mole)
Status: Implemented on iOS and Android platforms
Links to the service/application:
Design - Behance


Is there a gradation by investment?
Yes, there is. The higher the investment - the higher the %. Each project is discussed individually.
On the basis of which contract will the transaction be concluded?
The transaction will be formalized on the basis of a convertible loan agreement. For the first 5 investors we guarantee 100% repayment at the expense of the main company in case the project is unsuccessful within 5 years, for another 5 investors we guarantee repayment within 10 years.
How are the shares distributed?
If the project you invest is successful, a new company opens up, and you get a percentage of it, depending on the amount invested.
How can the project be abandoned even if the project is successful?
You can sell the share to us or any other person/company.
I have competencies, can I participate in the development of the of the project?
Of course, we'd be delighted.
Can I buy the company completely, or do you always own 51%, which is indisputable?
Initially, if you want to buy a whole project, it's possible. If investors are already included in the project, a separate discussion is needed.
Would it be possible to sell a company in the future or to make a joint deal?
Who plays a decisive role in the company?
After a company is spun off into a separate legal entity, the one with the higher % in the company is decisive.
Is an IPO possible?
Who maintains and supports the project, is it a monopoly or can you choose another company?
We provide support for the project, development until it becomes a separate legal entity. As soon as the project becomes independent - it is decided by the director of the company (hiring specialists, etc.).
Who becomes an executive in the form of a director in a new company?
Depending on the project. If any of the investors have competencies, they can become a director in the new company. Each project is discussed individually with the investor(s).
Who does the bookkeeping and how?
Accounting for investment projects at the start-up stage is handled by our accountant separately from the main line of business.
How is intellectual property patented?
All intellectual property is transferred to the new company with all ownership rights.
On what basis are decisions made?
At the start (under the convertible loan agreement) all decisions are made by us. When a separate legal entity is established - on the basis of the meeting of the founders.
How is the authorized capital formed?
The authorized capital in the new company is formed nominally based on the investments made in the project. You will receive a share in the company according to the agreement.
How does a company's bankruptcy proceeding work?
According to the laws of the country in which the company will be established.
How does the company make money?
Depends on the project you invested in.
How are profits distributed?
Proportionately to your % in the company.