Custom ERP and CRM software development

Examine carefully the possibility of facilitating your company working processes and lifting up sales interactions with your clients by getting delivered the high-end ERP and CRM systems.

Why enterprises pick us to develop customized ERP


100% solution success rate
Successfully delivered 20+ solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises


Simple Pricing
Fixed price structure with a clear, well-defined Scope of Work (SoW) and milestone payments


40% faster development
12 weeks to MVP using accelerator-based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks

How do we work with you?

As a trusted ERP and CRM company, we build customized solutions for your goals while assessing your system, understanding your project flow, and considering the team work.
Building roadmap
Creating a roadmap and a detailed plan to build the ERP solution that integrates data across business units and processes.
Technology & architecture
Defining the right architecture & technology stack to realize long & short-term goals while ensuring tech-readiness for the next decade.
Ongoing maintenance
Building & deploying the custom solution, and providing ongoing maintenance support for you to completely adopt the solution.


CRM implementation and development: how do we do it?
Wondering how to build the CRM building services and looking for a proficient team to implement your idea, look at our team. Speaking closely, we support all the stages of the CRM software development process equipping you with a full range of services and fluent technologies. Read further to know more about our development company.
Elaborating CRM and communication strategy with our customers: what are the stages?
In this point, let’s dive deeper into the peculiarities of the CRM and communication strategy development process:
  • Constructing a customer journey map.
  • Elaborating the IT system maintaining all the CRM services.
  • Establishing IT infrastructure: configuring and integrating customized solutions to the development of customized systems according to your goals and process workflow.
  • Launching cross-cutting analytics and user profiles based on commonly appreciated products and with the modern approaches on the base of AI elements.
  • Creating a content communication strategy and carrying it out in a tactical way.
  • Full-stack follow-up support of all the CRM activities.
  • Conducting proficient training and master-classes for your working units.
How to hire a CRM development company?
Follow the three-steps flow of your CRM system elaboration and dive deeper into the process.
  1. Search for an expert team with vast expertise in CRM development production.
  2. Checking out an expert development portfolio of a selected outsourcing company to possess a good number of well-completed projects.
  3. Investigating into the company’s capacity to support your project with a highly qualified specialist team to develop a multifunctional CRM architecture in web or in mobile format.
Smart CRM solutions for small businesses: what’s our expertise?
We are honored to proclaim our expertise in design and development of CRM and ERP systems, with the focus on machine learning and AI technologies. By saying this, all the array of ML services for your company is implied, from devising MVP apps to internal CRMs integrated with your current technology services. To highlight our effectiveness and productivity, we can state to have maintained over 30 exclusive development projects, with a final 88% client retention rate and 9 years of qualified expertise to present. Feel free to contact us once you need any help developing a CRM system for your clients!

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