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Custom CRM software development

Examine carefully the possibility of facilitating your company business processes and lifting up everyday interactions with your clients. Optimize your company workflow with a high-end custom CRM system.

What types of companies integrate custom CRM systems?

Real estate agencies
Real estate database management, import of listings, processing of applications
Online stores
Acceptance of orders, integration with accounting and warehouse accounting systems, cost verification
Formation of execution schedules, accounting of documentation, requirements in the context of the order
Construction companies
Control of deadlines for the delivery of objects, fixation of cash flow, control of sales
Trading companies
Simple and regular monitoring of the company's financial activities, convenient implementation of the sales process
Transport companies
Transportation planning: points of dispatch, processing and destination, dimensions and cost of cargo
Travel agencies
Timekeeping of working hours, maintaining the customer base, accounting for payments, income/expense, internal chat
Managing the catalog of banking products, automating work with problematic contracts (Soft-Collection)
Beauty parlours
A CRM will allow you to track customer preferences, monitor employee performance, automate customer records and implement a loyalty system.

Our technologies

Rest API
After Effects

Why enterprises pick us to develop customized CRM?

Ready-made CRM
Custom CRM
Working with heavy loads
Speed of operation is a given that has to be accepted
Scalability and speed are based on the needs of your business at the start of development
User friendliness of the interface
Minor refinements possible
The interface is designed to suit your business process and objectives
Business processes
Typical business processes only
The system takes into account all the subtleties of the customer's business processes
Selection from a list provided by the CRM manufacturer
Any integration to the extent necessary
Service life
Can be withdrawn from service at any time
The system is entirely yours. Upgrade as required
Limited functionality
Only the manufacturer decides whether to extend the functionality
Only the manufacturer decides whether to extend the functionality
Standard reports only
Any analytics based on system data

What functions we can implement compared to an off-the-shelf solution

Automation in the sales department
Manual data entry and retrieval kills the productivity of the sales department. The system automates repetitive tasks. The team will be freed from administration and will deal directly with sales.
Improving the quality of processes
CRM helps to standardise processes in the marketing and support department, improve close-out processes and shorten sales cycles.
Improving efficiency
The system provides the data to identify the causes of deal failure and apply specific steps to correct problems.CRM helps you identify which tasks are paying off and which ones you are wasting time on.
Accelerating the adaptation of new managers
New employees come to a system that is already ready. It prevents them from making gross mistakes and provides them with a set of ready-made solutions - scripts, hints and reminders.
Improving the customer experience
Having data on user preferences and habits allows you to send customers relevant, personalised offers. For example - through targeted advertising.
Improving timing and conversions
Often rejections occur because an offer is sent too early or too late. The programme helps to initiate a deal at the right time. It does not guarantee a sale, but it makes it more likely.
Transferring staff to a remote location
System integration for automation includes the digitalisation of processes, the establishment of collaboration tools and the monitoring of tasks.
Maintaining a unified database of leads
The CRM consolidates customer data into a single database. Employees can therefore find the right information on transactions, customers and partners at any time.
Reducing the transaction cycle
The CRM system offers ready-made solutions for customer interaction, using proven sales practices. Thanks to its implementation, all a manager has to do is transfer a transaction from one status to another.
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Our company is known and recommended as an effective business partner. We have earned such trust by helping more than 30 companies around the world.

Medical CRM is a virtual doctor assistant
This virtual doctor's assistant makes in-house communication fluent and effective. Contact your colleagues and hospital administration, monitor the patients' condition and set up team meetings.
CRM system for company in order to manage work with employees
Simple, intuitive and user-friendly CRM system includes roles of clients, administrators, managers, and customers, letting you manage the whole business on a whim.
The CRM system for a pharmaceutical company
CRM system for the support service of an international medical company specializing in body care products.
CRM system for police service
ZOORMAN is a uniquely designed internal system for police officers with great functionality and user-friendly interface.

Stages of development

  • 1
    Getting to know the business
    Gather information on the industry, target market and business processes of the company. Conduct interviews with the future users of the system: managers, marketers and sales managers.
  • 2
    Design and mission statement
    Analyse the data from the first phase. Identify business problems and ways to solve them. Make a list of priorities and write the requirements in the TOR. Appoint the project team.
  • 3
    Prototyping and design
    We draw up mock-ups of the CRM interface and show them to the client. We adjust the prototype according to the customer's wishes and approve the final design.
  • 4
    Development and testing
    Developers do the server and client side of the project in parallel. QA engineers work closely with programmers to ensure the quality of each component of the system.
  • 5
    Introducing CRM into business processes
    Transfer the CRM system to the customer's workplace hosting or hardware. Synchronise it with other enterprise software, connect email, IP telephony and other communication channels to the system. We train your staff.
  • 6
    Optimisation of work
    Gather feedback on how your employees work with the new system. Find out how to improve the interface and functionality. Refine the application.

Our team

Technical director
Project manager
Business Analyst
Head of QA
Head of UI/UX
Business development manager
Launched in 2014 as an AI solutions development business, we have been constantly expanding the scope of our software services and helped SMBs and startups to successfully bring their ideas into life. By 2018, we have grown into a solid IT company, taking on full-cycle software development projects.
Developers, designers, project managers, and QA specialists
Years on the software technologies market
Projects in the portfolio
About us

Our strengths

Technical requirements are not strictly necessary
We are independent and creative: we will think through all the logic of the service, CRM and mobile application for you.
50+ full-cycle projects delivered
We will develop your IT solution with maximum speed and flexibility to provide your product with the needed functionality.
Unique UI/UX design for your project
Our inventive specialists will devise a sophisticated design for your service - fixating on convenience, visibility and ease of use for your clients.
Pay only for the completed work
You make the final payment only after all the rates are agreed upon so that you are in full control of your expenses.


Do you develop template or custom solutions?
We specialize in building custom CRM systems for your business processes. But if it’s better and cheaper for your project to use a template solution, we won’t be able to help you.
Which features can you implement?
We incorporate features of any level of complexity: from standard ones to unique complex logic with machine learning integration. Before the development, we collect requirements and draw up a clear specification for automating the processes.
How is the cost of the system formed?
The cost of the system development is affected by the amount of ERP or CRM data, the range of functionality, the availability and complexity of integrations, and the number of supported platforms. After drawing up the functional requirements, the cost of designing and drawing up the terms of reference is calculated. Also, at this stage, you can understand the order of the development cost.
How long will the product development take?
On average, the product development takes 3 months up. This time is enough to create the product UI/UX design, the full development cycle, and the QA testing.
What are your guarantees?
No project is perfect after the launch. Errors occur even in products that have long been on the market. We give a 6 months guarantee to correct errors in the project code. After complete work acceptance, within 12 months from the date of delivery, we solve for free the errors that may have arisen by mistake.

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Contact our partnership manager, describe your desired product functionality - and we will shape the best cost/clients' requirements match for you within one business day!