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Creating a logo is crucial for any brand from the very start. A logo is your brand's enticing cover, the way people perceive your business. Ever before referring to the company, the thing that first strikes the eyes of your prospective customers and business partners is the logo. So, make sure it clearly embodies your company's values, mission and corporate culture.

How we create a logo

Our work

Entexy logo 2022 / 2023

We make logos with love

Logo + Brand flexible mix

We are perfectly aware that a logo should be catchy and concise, reflecting a company in a unique manner. Take a fresh look at some of the aesthetically balanced logos for mobile apps we've designed.

Doggyscan logo
Skyflow logo
Moving furniture logo
Meetroom logo
Hi-Fly logo

How our development approach differs from the competition

01. Making a memorable design

A unique logo allows Customers to memorize your brand, creates a trusting relationship with your company and makes you stand out from the competition.

02. Associate with the company

The choice of a graphic mark of a brand name depends on the specifics of the company's activities, the general style and the competitive advantages. So, it should not be randomly picked, but be carefully developed to contain the essence and emotions that Customers will carry along.

03. Making the logo easy to perceive

At the same time, well-aimed logo should be readable and easy to understand. Your Customers should easily recognize it and distinguish from the challenging companies.

04. We develop a stylistic concept

Color and semantic consistency with the values, mission, and the identity of the company. The right logo should visually embody your company's character.


Is it possible to pay for the logo development upon completion of the work?
Without receiving an advance payment, we can start to fill out a brief (questionnaire) to decide which concept is more appropriate for your business goals, then discuss technical issues and agree on the contract terms. But the very logo concept implementation starts only upon the contract signing and the receipt of an advance payment (usually 50-70% of the total price).
How many different logo concepts do you offer to choose from?
As mentioned above, before starting work, the Customer fills out a brief. Based on the completed brief, we usually develop 3 unique versions. We can also develop more (5-7 versions), it all depends on the completed requirements and the number of decision-makers on the part of the Customer.
How soon do you deliver first logo concepts?
We present to the Customer all the concepts at the same time, so that there is an opportunity to compare and choose. Timeframe for the implementation of concepts is from 7 working days.
How many edits can be made to the chosen logo concept?
Once we have decided on the concept, we start working on the individual character of the future logo. The concept is not the final logo itself. So, at this stage you can make any changes in color, size and other quality characteristics - the main requirement is not to change the approved concept. It usually takes a few edits to deliver a great logo.