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Frontend development services

Thinking about developing high-quality frontend software for your business growth? Pay particular attention to the Entexy team of brilliant specialists ensuring smooth work of developed apps’ codes on all your devices (mobile, desktop or wearables), and optimizing your user experiences.


Web apps development: how much does it cost?
In case you want to get a detailed cost estimation of your project - write to us. Our managers will develop the plan, estimate the scope of the works and inform you on the price.
How much time will it take to develop my app?
On average, an MVP development process takes around 3 months. It is the time sufficient for creating the UI/UX design, complete development cycle and the QA testing.
I already have a mobile app version. Will you help me to move onto a web one?
Surely! We can reuse the existing database and develop a web version for your ready-made solution.
Who is in my app development team?
Teams change depending on project goals. More often, teams include a project manager, a UI/UX designer, two or three developers, and a QA specialist.
Can I refer to Entexy for the design of an already ready-made app?
Without any doubts! Our designers are always in touch to help you create your unique UI/UX design.
What functions are you able to implement in my web app?
Any functions necessary for your product's successful release. Have a look at our portfolio - you will find much more specific details there.
Are you experienced in web app development?
Absolutely! In 6 years, we’ve succeeded in working on projects of various complexity and have helped to release a huge number of start-ups.
Do you possibly develop custom web apps?
Any kind of them! If your solution demands a unique approach towards its realization, we will design a UI/UX interface, develop a necessary set of functions and add a complete tech product documentation.

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Contact our partnership manager, describe your desired product functionality - and we will shape the best cost/clients' requirements match for you within one business day!