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Android App Development

Working out different Android apps is our zone of responsibility. Any your app development request, including phones, VR apps, tablets, TV, and more, is just at hand.


01. Analyzing customer needs

To facilitate the development process, the app functional and non-functional features are analyzed and worked out. Our team keeps the bar high by proposing our clients relevant and effective tools to raise your product effectiveness.

02. Design

The next step for you is receiving a comprehensive outline of the works to be performed under the project. Be attentive as the paper should include all the service details, a project schedule, the budget, as well as a detailed plan of the development steps.

03. Development

So, we have approached the core of the whole development process. At this step, you are free to cooperate with our team at any app development flow point, follow the progress and track the results in our constant reports.

04. Testing and delivery

At this point comes our QA team guaranteeing your product functionality completely conforms to all your needs and expectations. Our functional and non-functional check-out is in place to test your app usability, functioning, and consistency with different devices.

Develop your app in any of these industries:

Hotel business
Hotel business

Become the best version of yourself

Numerology will allow you to discover all the secrets of your personality, reveal your strengths and weaknesses, and clear up your fate

The app for plants caring

GardenGuru reminds you about caring for your plants with the help of comfortable system notifications. Machine learning is used for recognizing plant by photo

Check Ur Birthmark easily

A cutting-edge prediagnostic app gives you a hand to track your skin condition and reveal any suspicious birthmarks. With the CUBE app you can diagnose skin problems at an early stage quickly and easily.

Clean your skin in one click

An app uses the most advanced processing technology based on neural networks and brings each photo till perfection.


How can I pay for the development of my app?
In Entexy, the work is based on a Time-Material model.
Our project managers carefully design every sprint in detail: they set the tasks and provide the adequate working hours for the team for closing each of them. The work on your sprint is launched as soon as the advance payment is received. The Time-Material approach allows us planning additional sprints - if there's a need to increase functionality or make changes in the design.
How much does the app development cost?
In case you want to get a detailed cost estimation of your project - write to us. Our managers will develop the plan, estimate the scope of the works and inform you on the price.
How do you develop MVP for a startup?
If your aim is to quickly test your business idea, then the MVP development would be your best decision. Our team will give you a hand to enter the market in month.
Can I be sure to see my app on the App Store and Google Play?
Our team has a great experience in publishing products on App Store and Google Play. Thanks to following the Apple and Google guidelines, we know how to make sure that your app goes through the validation phase successfully.
Who is going to work on my app development?
The team structure depends on the project goals. Surely enough, more often the team includes a project manager, a UI/UX designer, a QA specialist and two or three developers.
What is a custom mobile app?
This app is developed from scratch. The main focus is an individual set of features and a unique design.
What methodology do you use?
We adhere to the Scrumban technology - it means, the combination of two popular Agile frameworks. Such an approach lets us close our tasks within the deadlines, as well as introduce changes into the development process.

Contact us

Contact our partnership manager, describe your desired product functionality - and we will shape the best cost/clients' requirements match for you within one business day!