How much does it cost to build your custom CRM?

Preface. Immersing yourself into the customer relationship management topic and having decided on your own custom CRM developmentHow to Develop a Customized CRM vs Ready-Made CRM, take a further step to dive in depth in the CRM development stages and modules and reveal your future project cost.

Whom Is Your Custom CRM System Built for?

As mentioned above, a CRM system improves your company effectiveness by automating data gathering and creating a complete and continuously renewable database for the following departments:

Marketing unit:
facilitates dividing the prospects by categories of age, gender, location and job, and buying preferences
Sales unit:
simplifies reaching for customers through centralized data storage keeping all the client data by a sales manager side.
Customer support unit:
similar to the sales sphere, saves prior communication, thereby providing prompt and efficient customer assistance by resolving issues in a couple of minutes.

CRM Development Stages

Willing to create the CRM software tailored to your business, first thing to know is learning the development stages:

Even being aware of the departments to benefit the most from the CRM, take care to order a tailored CRM system after the thorough costs’ and profit estimation. There are features that are valuable only for specific company needs, so consider each of them thoughtfully.

Business analysis of the requirements and writing the technical task on your custom CRM.
Working out the idea and the prototype development - with the product strategy, definite image of the final project and the client’s business goals formulated.
UI/UX design. At this stage, programmers already have a clear vision and applicability of the final product to a customer’s demands, i.e. the developers target the user convenience and coherence of the features, their exclusiveness.
Code programming under a client’s needs, taking aboard the backend and frontend departments. At this essential stage, the developers’ team integrates the tools that your team is already using, into the CRM being built.
Sustainable client support even after the programming stage. Guaranteeing the stable product quality ever after it is delivered is the top priority of every serious development company, the point that needs to be concerned while choosing your CRM development company
Launching and support - unifying with the previous CRM or transporting the information to a new system and the proper team instructing.

Customer Database

The marketing unit’s activity heart is maximizing contacts with potential customers and thus, the business income, so the level of leads’ management is decisive.

For Marketing Unit

The marketing unit’s activity heart is maximizing contacts with potential customers and thus, the business income, so the level of leads’ management is decisive.

1. Campaign management unit:for the promotion goals, it is highly advisable to organize campaigns with multiple events, using digital and offline tools. For instance, while promoting a company event and using email newsheets in a flow with Facebook ads, a CRM campaign marketer‘s unit eventually tracks customers’ activities and sums up the outcome, thereby, keeping all the marketing departments up-to-date.
This unit’s cost ranges from $8 000, with a 4 months-development process

2. Customer segmentation unit:within a marketer’s promotion activities, segmenting users and proposing the best content for them is crucial, involving supplementary tools like charts, filters, and previews
This unit’s cost starts from $5 000

3. Analytics unit:this important tool categorizes the data from marketing campaigns in a marketer’s dashboard according to the needs (cost, success, and target auditory), with prompt actual results’ tracking and checking (the campaign success, its best investment return).
The forecasting and planning unit is about $5 000 up

For Sales Unit

Bearing responsibility for the company’s revenue, with all this, a sales team works with people. This is why the sales teams features primarily entail Accounts, and Leads section, Opportunities section, and such:

1. Account and lead management unit:he sales funnel term is the core sales concept, following all the way from the newly created lead to the final trade, with the info entered step-by-step. The more fields this unit has, the more revenue your customized CRM will attract (with personal lead’s data, filtering, and various grouping options.)
The account and lead management unit’s cost is from $10 000

2. Analytics unit:either an analytical diagram or a dashboard is needed here, to group and filter the information in a pull-down menu, and a color listing option for marking data.
This unit’s cost ranges from $5 000

3. Forecasting and planning unit:includes features of setting new goals, devising strategies and individual plans, creating reminders, and assigning a proper sales manager to each target
The forecasting and planning unit is about $5 000 up

For Customer Support Unit

Customer support managers are in charge of client success and product satisfaction, so talking to clients through live chats and calls, emails, and messages, responding swiftly to user’s requests:

1. Help Desk unit:provides integrated integration with email services, social media messengers, and facilitated calls’ receival, empowering success managers to create tasks and appoint them to certain executives
This unit’s cost starts from $10 000

2. Knowledge-base unit: a dream option for a purposeful manager, having a keen eye on a product peculiarity and so, quick access to the valid information to comprehensively support their clients.
This unit’s cost is about $5 000 and above

3. Service Analytics unit:finally, similar to marketing and sales’ specialists, it gives you all the customer stats gathering and combining data from all possible channels like phone calls, tickets, social networks, and emails.
This unit’s cost ranges from $8 000 up

Incorporating Specific Features into Your Custom CRM

Depending on your company type and your sales’ team needs, it sometimes becomes necessary to add particular functionality, increasing the cost of your CRM with your company productivity altogether, and so be acquainted with particularly pertinent CRM features:

1. Marketing unit:segmentation functionality; cloud services (more secure and adaptable storage base profitable for growing businesses); computerized email marketing with automated notifications to specific customer segments.

2. Sales unit:sales pipeline monitoring (leading all the way from the first lead till the final deal); seamless uploading and storing documents linked to the cloud; calendar tool (including Google Calendar, with clients’ schedules synced with their activities, and reminders in a CRM system); analytics and reporting - algorithms that draw performance diagrams and graphs that track sales managers’ and campaigns’ effectiveness, with added filters to enhance the system; CRM integration via API - this option is beneficial both if you’re planning to build a CRM from zero to offer SaaS services to other companies or use it for your own enterprise.)

3. Support team:chatbots and AI which is a popular tool for your support team providing automatic answering FAQs, supporting trainings and planning joint team meetings; cutting-edge data protection with the advanced security credentials.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Custom CRM Software?

Getting to the core of the article, the cost of a CRM platform is estimated, starting from $46 000 for a basic shortcut version which may not include all the features proposed in the CRM market. In case you are still expanding your business scale, consider building a CRM mobile app, say, only for iOS or Android first.

The next version will cost you 1,5 times less, owing to the prototype and the design already created for the first platform.

Good thing to know is that web apps development cost is lower, compared to mobile apps, and they are easier to develop. So, a custom CRM system’s cost for iOS/Android will constitute $60 000 up for each platform.

If you are up to building a mobile custom CRM by an outsourcing app development team“Developing a Customized CRM vs a Ready-Made CRM: What’s Better?”, take into account more specialists to hire - one more UI/UX designer, one Android and one iOS developer, plus to a standard specialists’ team of a project manager, a UI/UX designer, a frontend developer for the user-side app, and a backend developer for the server-side.

Customized СRM Software Development by Entexy

Drawing the line, deciding between the made-up CRM vs a custom one, keep track of the estimate custom CRM cost, roughly starting from $46 000, depending on your type of business, your team size, and the clients’ needs and requirements.

Well, you already know how hard it is to add new functions to your shaped-up CRM, don’t you? So make your choice all at once.

In case you have any questions on the cost of your tailored CRM or its functionality, don’t hesitate to contact our Entexy team in the contact form below and get your CRM system comprehensive development line-up.

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